Friday, June 17, 2011

It is too hot to run!


I tried to run around the Fermilab Main Ring Road (3.7 miles). My goal was to run very slowly for 60 minutes--this should have been about 4.3 miles at a little over 13:00/mile--quite slow. (The Ring Road is split into 6 equal sectors, so that would be one full circuit, plus one extra sector.)

It was very sunny. The starting temperature was 78F--warm, but (I thought) not hot. The temperature at the end was about 83F.

Boy, was I wrong, and did I overestimate what I could do!

I got about half way around the ring (about 1.8 miles), running at the desired 13:00/mile pace, and I was exhausted! I then walked for exactly 3 minutes, thinking I could possible make it the rest of the way (or at least to the 5K/3.11 mile mark), but I could only muster a 3 minute jog at that slow pace. I finished the 5K in just over 40 minutes--I'd say I walked for 10 minutes. I pushed it a bit to end the 5K, and that was too much. I walked the rest of the way: total time--55 minutes.

My medium-green nylon shirt was too dark, as were my black shorts. The sun was unbearable. I wore a white, nylon baseball cap--I think that was OK, but it could have been better. I was very hungry by the end--a half-cup of Gatorade at the mid-way point would have been nice!

Overall, I did a workout, but not quite the one I planned. I was moving for 60 minutes, so I sort of met one of my goals. I did not over do it, which is a fundamental goal for a man my age, I think.

I sure hope that the 5K next Saturday (at 4PM) has cool and cloudy weather! I think I'll go buy a white nylon running shirt.

Addendum, Saturday June 18.

Based on suggestions from my coach/son (Marty), I adjusted my technique for the Heat-Of-The-Day run today.
  1. Arranged for lower temperatures (78F instead of 83F)--that was the hardest part.
  2. Drank a 20 oz Gatorade T-minus-100 minutes from the start of the workout
  3. Bought a white nylon shirt ($12 at MC Sports)
  4. Had my associate (that is, my wife Joanne) wait at the 2-mile mark with 2 liters of water--one to dump on my head and one to drink (I only had 4 sips).
It was MUCH better: Ran 3.25 miles and only walked for 3 minutes while taking the water from my associate. Then, when I arrived home, my associate was watering her garden, and she watered my head and neck some more. That felt goooooooooood!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Quickly, is IS used too much?

A couple of pet peeves about the way people speak.

Is is

"What I want to say is, is that OK?"

In spoken English these days, running together two "is"'s happens all the time and it bugs me. You'd never write it that way. Everybody does it--I've even heard President Obama do it.


"Let's get a quick check of traffic."

I hear this on the radio and on TV all the time. Is it really any quicker than if you left out the word "quick?" I think it is just a signal that the speaker is making to himself (herself) that s/he is under time pressure.

I'm glad I don't have to speak publicly for a living--I'd make these mistakes, and a LOT more!