Friday, June 17, 2011

It is too hot to run!


I tried to run around the Fermilab Main Ring Road (3.7 miles). My goal was to run very slowly for 60 minutes--this should have been about 4.3 miles at a little over 13:00/mile--quite slow. (The Ring Road is split into 6 equal sectors, so that would be one full circuit, plus one extra sector.)

It was very sunny. The starting temperature was 78F--warm, but (I thought) not hot. The temperature at the end was about 83F.

Boy, was I wrong, and did I overestimate what I could do!

I got about half way around the ring (about 1.8 miles), running at the desired 13:00/mile pace, and I was exhausted! I then walked for exactly 3 minutes, thinking I could possible make it the rest of the way (or at least to the 5K/3.11 mile mark), but I could only muster a 3 minute jog at that slow pace. I finished the 5K in just over 40 minutes--I'd say I walked for 10 minutes. I pushed it a bit to end the 5K, and that was too much. I walked the rest of the way: total time--55 minutes.

My medium-green nylon shirt was too dark, as were my black shorts. The sun was unbearable. I wore a white, nylon baseball cap--I think that was OK, but it could have been better. I was very hungry by the end--a half-cup of Gatorade at the mid-way point would have been nice!

Overall, I did a workout, but not quite the one I planned. I was moving for 60 minutes, so I sort of met one of my goals. I did not over do it, which is a fundamental goal for a man my age, I think.

I sure hope that the 5K next Saturday (at 4PM) has cool and cloudy weather! I think I'll go buy a white nylon running shirt.

Addendum, Saturday June 18.

Based on suggestions from my coach/son (Marty), I adjusted my technique for the Heat-Of-The-Day run today.
  1. Arranged for lower temperatures (78F instead of 83F)--that was the hardest part.
  2. Drank a 20 oz Gatorade T-minus-100 minutes from the start of the workout
  3. Bought a white nylon shirt ($12 at MC Sports)
  4. Had my associate (that is, my wife Joanne) wait at the 2-mile mark with 2 liters of water--one to dump on my head and one to drink (I only had 4 sips).
It was MUCH better: Ran 3.25 miles and only walked for 3 minutes while taking the water from my associate. Then, when I arrived home, my associate was watering her garden, and she watered my head and neck some more. That felt goooooooooood!

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