Thursday, December 20, 2012

Using my daddy's Leica lenses?

Well, if I am not going to buy the Ricoh GXR, and I refuse to sell my daddy's Leica lenses, how will I use my them?  I have a tentative plan: Wait for a good version of the Canon EOS-M camera to be created and buy that.

This plan has several advantages:

  1. I can use my daddy's Leica lenses (assuming that there will be an adapter for this)
  2. Since I am assuming that there will be a Leica M lens adapter, I'll also assume there will be a Canon FD adapter.  Thus, I'll be able to use all my old FD lenses, too! (I have three that would be interesting to use: 24mm f/2.8, 50mm f/1.4 and 200mm f/4)
  3. I can use all my EF lenses, and they will autofocus and auto-aperture!
  4. Putting the little 22mm f/2 EF-M lens on that camera means that it is very close to pocketable.  I'd carry it all the time.
  5. Maybe my wife would use it all the time, too.  She is not happy with the point-&-shoot camera(s) she has now.
But Canon needs to fix these problems
  1. It needs a viewfinder (rumor has it that this is coming in 2013)
  2. The speed of the autofocus has to improve,  The Sony NEX and (especially) the Olympus 4/3's cameras set the standard and Canon needs to get close to that.
  3. The price needs to come down (since I'd also buy the EF lens adapter, the get-started price is (B&H) $921 -yikes!).

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